San 47 Album (Veet Baljit)

ArtistVeet Baljit
MusicNick Dhammu, Arron (Mixing)
LyricsVeet Baljit
ProducerAmrika Dangian
LabelState Studio
PromotionsDog Digital
Released Date19 May 2021

San 47 is an upcoming studio album by famous Punjabi singer and songwriter Veet Baljit scheduled to be released from 19 May 2021 with seven tracks and the music given by Nick Dhammu.

San 47 Track List

01UreaNick Dhammu
02SarabhaNick Dhammu
03PindNick Dhammu
04VajjaNick Dhammu
05MaaNick Dhammu
06Kaonkeya WalaNick Dhammu
07DelhiNick Dhammu



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