Chausar The Power Games

DirectorGaurav Rana
ProducerRabindra Narayan
Executive ProducerJaideep Mittra, Amandeep Singh
Written ByPali Bhupinder Singh
EditedGaurav Rana
DOPLucky Yadav
Production CompanyPTC Play
GenresDrama, Politics
Release Date21 February 2022
Running Time40-45 Minutes
IMDb Ratingunavailable

Chausar The Power Games is a Punjabi web series based on the political drama directed by Gaurav Rana. Staring Mahabir Bhullar, Hashneen Chauhan, Mehakdeep Singh, and Ashish Duggal as the lead characters. The story is written by Pali Bhupinder Singh. The web series is produced by PTC Play. The Chausar The Power Games web series is scheduled to be released on 21 Feb 2022. Streaming on PTC PlayApp.

Chausar The Power Games is an interactive fictional political drama series, that allows us to be versatile with our imagination and has helped us build something completely unique for our audience. It’s a battle for political power between the rival claimants of the same party. When the venerable elder retires, the seat of power automatically shifts to his subordinate who becomes.


Mahabir BhullarTeja Singh
Hashneen ChauhanMannat
Mehakdeep SinghVeer Pratap Singh
Narinder NinaChief Minister
Narjeet Singh
Deep MandeepHarjit
Sonpreet JawandaProfessor
SairaJasmine Singh
Paramveer SinghHarchand
Bhupinder SinghNews Channel Head
Ashish DuggalGundara


01Battle Lines44 Minutes
02Pulling Strings51 Minutes
03Mystery Unfolds51 Minutes
04Political Trail50 Minutes
05Call of Honour42 Minutes
06Political Rumblings45 Minutes
07First Blood49 Minutes
08High Command44 Minutes
09Tyag Patr40 Minutes
10The Power Games48 Minutes



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