Babbu Maan Live Show

There is a trend going on the highest crowd live show among the Punjabi singer. As we all know, Sidhu Moosewala and Babu Mann had a live show in Dirba recently. Fans of Both, participated in this show very high quantity. The crowd was in a hundred and thousands.

Before the show, people were curious as to where the crowd would be. When the show took place, the crowd on both sides was as if the whole of Punjab has arrived. But after this show, what happened you know all that. Some people said that there was more crowded towards Sidhu and some people said there was more towards Babu Maan.


Babbu Maan Live Show at Bhauwal

Babbu Maan Live at VIBGYOR 2K19

Baba Farid Group of Institutions organized the annual ”VIBGYOR” Event which biggest in Bathinda Region. It mainly sponsored by the Baba Farid Group and some other music labels like Speed Records, PTC, etc. Punjabi Singers Harf Cheema, Kamal Heer, Nimrat Khaira were live at Biggest Event of the Year VIBGYOR 2K19.

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