What Sonam Bajwa eat in a day

Sonam gained popularity from her movie Punjab 1984, followed by which she did the super hit movie, Super Singh. 

Watch on as Sonam narrated everything from the craziest diet she has tried to how she has taken up fitness as a lifestyle! Sonam took us by surprise as she revealed she eats 2 breakfasts, 2 Lunches, and 2 Dinners. 


At 6:30 am in the morning I have detox smoothie with some proteins, greens, dry fruits.

9:00 am I have oats, Dali, Egg Whites and lots of fruit like pineapple, strawberry, and Mango is my favorite. Then I workout and have some proteins shake.


I Change it every 10 days, Normal I have Brown Rice and lots of Salad with rocket leaves, baby spinach, carrots, cucumber, roasted flax seeds, and avocado. I have one roti Whole-wheat flour, Raggi.

I am Punjabi born so I am Non-veg I have Chicken, lamb, fish. I love to have chicken curry with less salt and pepper.

At 4:30 am I have green tea with mix nuts. My favorite is dry apricots and almonds but I have to take 4 per day.

At 6:30 I have boiled vegetable soup. Grinded vegs and add little bits of lemons.

At 10:30 I have Roti with a small bowl of brown rice. A big bowl of salads. Sometimes I prefer fish or egg whites.

Early Riser or Night Owl – Working on Moring

Favorite Meal Of The Day – In lunch lame and fish

How Often Do You Cheat – Some time with my trainer about diet

I love panipuri, Punjabi food.


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